World of Warcraft addons

I likes me the addons. In fact, elevating me to new heights of geekiness, I writes me the addons. Not that you could tell from my journal, since I’ve been very, very quiet about it here. In fact, addon writing has received only one mention ever.

I currently have four addons out there:

FuBar – QuestsFu
A quest tracker plugin for FuBar, which is a Titan Panel alternative (a little bar on your screen for things to show info on).
FuBar – ToFu
A flight time tracker for FuBar. Sadly neglected currently. Mainly written for the silly name.
FuBar – KungFu
A skills tracker for FuBar.
Remembers things about your friends, so you still have some idea who they are when they’re offline. Also allows you to make notes.

A side-effect of all this is that most of the addons I use I get from So part of my daily playing routine is to run “svn update *” in my addons directory to get everything up to the latest version. Very convenient.

Now you know something of what has taken up my time.


Approving category suggestions for the Celebrities category makes me feel dirty.

(We now have a Paris Hilton category. This will be a trainwreck of epic proportions.)


The heatwave ends, and now we get the blackouts?